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We are so excited to announce our new collection of photography now available on! This small selection of images will be available for a limited time and features some of our absolute favorites. We are the first artists to be featured in Fab's new 'Tastemaker's Series' and are very excited about the launch. Check it out!

Inspiration - Fashion Week FW 2016

By: Shelby Edwards

Paris Fashion Week ended on Wednesday, capping off the international tour after New York, London and Milan's shows. Seeing the elaborate sets and collections always gets me inspired, not only in the fashion sense, but inspired by new colors, textures and concepts for future projects. Here are 5 Fall/Winter 2016 shows that were especially hypnotizing and have us excited to try new things.

1 .  D E L P O Z O

2 .  M A N S U R   G A V R I E L

3.  A N Y A   H I N D M A R C H


4.  A S H I S H


5. G U C C I

Images from VOGUE, Elle Decoration, Getty Images, NYmag, Tommy Ton and The Impression




littledrill's Digital Dollar Store

Recently we were invited to sell digital downloads of our work online. So we made a collection of photos based (and priced) on where we think the digital art industry may be headed. Spoiler alert: They're a little mundane... but they're dirt cheap. 

littledrill's Digital Dollar Store is your one-stop-shop for affordable digital art. That's right, just $1 grants you full ownership. Still a bit out of your price range? No worries - screencap's welcome.

Bonjour Paulette Magazine!

French magazine Paulette invited us to be featured in their Glitter Issue. Of course we obliged. Our copy arrived,'s all in French. All we can make out is something about sparkles and Miley Cyrus.

Image by littledrill creative

Image compliments of Paulette Magazine

Image compliments of Paulette Magazine

Posted by: Shelby Edwards